LiSS Firewall-Systeme – europäisches Konzept ohne Hintertürchen

LiSS appliances vereinen die wesentlichen Sicherheitsfunktionen auf nur einem Gerät. Damit sind sensible Unternehmensnetzwerke optimal vor Viren, Hackern sowie unerwünschten E-Mails und Webinhalte – Mehrstufige Firewall – Stateful Inspection – Intrusion Detection – Virenscanner – VPN-Router – SPAM- und Web-Inhaltsfilter Mehr

Innovative „Train Ring“ is the best rail train solution – Switch Cars, No Reconfiguration

Reduce Cost with High Customer Satisfaction During current train operation, train cars might need to be separated and reoriented due to more flexible operating requirement. Take MRT for example, it needs more cars during peak hours while only few cars Mehr

LiSS Firewall-Systems – European Concept without Backdoor

LiSS appliances combine essential security functions in a single device. Sensitive corporate networks are optimally protected from viruses, hackers, unwanted email and web content. – Multi-level firewall – Stateful inspection – Intrusion detection – Virus scanner – VPN router – Mehr