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BIOTECHNOLOGY  |  NEXT GENERATION PROTEOMICS  |  RESEARCH SERVICES & TOOLS   Biognosys is the leading company in next-generation proteomics. We offer services and products for precise, high‑content protein quantification. Biognosys was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Located within Read More

Biognosys Completes Series G Financing Round to Accelerate its Expansion into Clinical Trials Market

Biognosys, a Swiss proteomics company, continues realizing its ambition to enable clinical researchers to directly measure and quantify thousands of proteins from patient tissues in clinical trials by offering its next-generation label-free proteomics technology. To accelerate this development, the company Read More

Let’s test your excipients in pharmaceutical formulations

VelaLabs, located in Vienna, is proud to introduce the successful implementation of high resolution mass spectrometry for its use during characterization of impurities and degradants. Although the demand for such analysis in a science hot spot like Vienna is huge, Vela´s Read More

A new level of characterizing protein impurities with MS

In response to current regulatory guidance a Mass Spectrometry (MS) based Host Cell Protein (HCP) detection approach with faster, more accurate and wider-ranging detection is essential. In order to meet the newly prevailing demands Protagen Protein Services (PPS) recently invested Read More