Up Until the Stop! But no Further!

Unfortunately, the original steering stops are simply not strong enough. The often small, inconspicuous metal block designed to prevent the handlebars from collapsing is merely suboptimal. If it weren’t for the welded or forged point, the usually undersized stops would Read More

The gulf between them: What Gulf countries can learn from Iran’s approach to Iraq

. Key take-aways:  Iran adopts a strategically pragmatic approach to Iraq, cooperating widely to maximise its influence while working hard to retain vital Iraqi economic support, especially vis-à-vis its rivalry with the US.  In contrast, Arab Gulf states’ approaches to Iraq have Read More

Quantron AG participates in 1st German Road Safety Conference and joins the Road Safety Pact

On 04 May 2021, the first National Road Safety Conference took place under the leadership of Andreas Scheuer, Germany‘s Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Quantron AG was also represented among the approximately 400 participants. With its participation, the Read More

Keep cool – Globale Anleihen lohnen sich weiterhin über Anlageprofile hinweg

. Schlüsselbotschaften Zu Beginn des Monats Mai legen die Marktteilnehmer ein gewisses erratisches Verhalten an den Tag, das zum Teil auf saisonalen Gegebenheiten beruht. Für Anleger mit gut diversifizierten Portfolios gibt es jedoch keinen Grund zur Panik. Im Gegenteil, eine Read More

Basler AG publishes preliminary figures for the first quarter and increases the annual forecast for financial year 2021

Today, BASLER AG, a leading manufacturer of computer vision components, publishes its preliminary result for the first quarter of 2021 and adjusts its sales and profit forecast for financial year 2021 upwards. The Basler group closed the first three months Read More

Mr. Marius Muehlenberg – the new CEO of LEVACO Chemicals Group and LEVACO Chemicals GmbH

From 1st of May 2021, Mr. Marius Muehlenberg, already CEO of DEFOTEC Entschäumer Vertriebs-GmbH, will start as well in his position as CEO of the LEVACO Chemicals Group and the LEVACO Chemicals GmbH. He will be heading the group of Read More