The community of safe drivers created by Kasko2go is now supported by a credible car service search platform

The Kasko2go team is excited to announce the beginning of cooperation with international company. Aside from being provided with safety through an innovative insurance application, drivers now have a chance to find, choose, and book an optimal and proven Read More

thyssenkrupp celebrates the 125-year anniversary of the escalator

Imagine a world where dreams of being transported upwards via a moving staircase was simply that, a dream. Urban mobility would look significantly different today, and be far more complicated, had it not been for a man who, while attempting Read More

SemVox ODP S3 Makes The New Audi A8 A Personal Assistant

Over 200 functions can be voice-controlled in the new Audi A8. ODP S3 makes it possible to combine voice control with other input options such as touchscreens; thanks to the intelligence of ODP S3, the Audi A8 understands exactly what Read More

Pneumatic concept reduces set-up times in pressing plants

Increased performance thanks to automated set-up processes: due to the large number of different products, modern pressing plants nowadays – more than ever – face the challenge of making tool changes and setting-up processes of systems go off without a Read More