Weidmüller FieldPower® Elevator: Innovative, customised shaft wiring system for elevator technology. – Industrial Analytics for elevator and escalator technology. Technical presentation: "Predictive Maintenance – Smart Services enabled by Advanced Analytics"

Weidmüller is presenting customised solutions for the elevator and escalator industry at "interlift2017". This includes the innovative FieldPower® Elevator shaft wiring system and Industrial Analytics, where they are showcasing a forward-looking analysis system for predictive maintenance.

As a partner for the elevator industry going back over many years, the team of specialists at Weidmüller have a broad range of skills and a great depth of understanding for customer applications. Our experts will be available on all days of the exhibition to engage in intensive dialogue with customers. Interested visitors can get extensive information about the new technologies by attending the Technical presentation: "Predictive Maintenance – Smart Services enabled by Advanced Analytics" that is being held at the VFA Forum in Hall 2 at 4:00 pm on Thursday 19th October 2017.

FieldPower® Elevator shaft wiring system

Weidmüller aspires not just to deliver individual components but to develop solution concepts that simplify working processes and drive up equipment efficiency. With "FieldPower® Elevator", their portfolio includes a correspondingly innovative installation system for elevator technology that directly addresses this aspiration. The installation system revolutionises shaft wiring. It stands out through its significantly reduced installation times, allowing the work to be carried out much more simply and rationally, and free from errors. There are two key components at the heart of the system: the elevator shaft wiring box and an 11-pole flat cable. The low number of components optimises logistics costs and simplifies project management. This is a particular advantage when it comes to the modernisation of existing installations.

The elevator shaft wiring boxes are designed to meet exactly the requirements of the elevator industry, irrespective of whether it is a question of passenger elevators, goods elevators, new installations or modernisation projects. The twin-pointed piercing contacts in the elevator shaft wiring boxes guarantee a reliable connection of the flat cable. The PUSH IN technology of the connection terminals on the back of the "box", facilitate the rapid wiring of door lock (safety chain), car call and floor indication. Different functionalities such as shaft feed-in, hoistway landing and pit connection for the transmission of power, signals and data are possible with the Weidmüller FieldPower® Elevator System. The installation of the shaft wiring boxes is done in simple operational steps, without the need for any special tools.

Predictive Maintenance – Industrial Analytics

Digitalisation solutions are making more and more inroads into elevator and escalator technology. With the flexible and scalable Industrial Analytics solution from Weidmüller, faults in elevator and escalator equipment can be predicted. This has nothing to do with clairvoyance, prophesies or crystal ball gazing. It is based on concrete mathematical and statistical processes that describe and analyse the behaviour of elevators. In most cases, the sensors on elevators and escalators already deliver enough data so that in the first instance, there is no need for further sensors to be installed. What does the procedure actually involve? The analytics experts at Weidmüller start by looking at all the data from which a pattern of elevator behaviour can be learnt. This data is then reduced and only the information that is actually required for gaining an understanding of the system is taken into consideration. The procedure is not just about analysing historical data, but also about making predictions based on "live" data. During the analysis, the focus is on the operator and/or the manufacturer of the equipment. Their know-how is very important. The analysis software can predict an error with a certain probability, providing that it has previously been classified. Only the user can determine whether an anomaly should actually be classified as a critical error.

The team of specialists from Weidmüller know their customers‘ applications and for that reason, they are able to offer specific analytical functions for elevator and escalator equipment. The key feature of Weidmüller predictions is that they do not relate to individual components, but summarise all the available information to give a comprehensive overview of the system. Customers benefit from the combination of consultancy, engineering, software and hardware. All the individual factors are adjusted to meet the individual requirements. The classic phases of data gathering, data integration, data processing, data analysis and implementation are all covered by the project team, followed by an evaluation of the commercial benefit to be achieved. What the solution ultimately looks like is decided in close collaboration with the customer. Weidmüller does not aspire to provide a standard package, but always a flexible, scalable total solution. With Industrial Analytics, companies have the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and to generate competitive advantage through the data-driven service.

Über Weidmüller

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