As a leading tech enterprise specializing in security and mobility, Rheinmetall feels a special obligation to make the best-possible equipment available to the people tasked with protecting us. This year, from 21 to 24 November, Rheinmetall will be presenting a selection of its extensive array of law enforcement and security products at the MILIPOL international security show in Paris.

The Survivor R protected special operations vehicle

The Survivor R epitomizes Rheinmetall’s commitment to the twin imperatives of security and mobility. Developed in cooperation with special vehicle maker Achleitner, it is extremely well suited for police special operations. In Germany, state-level police forces in Berlin and Saxony have already opted to equip their SWAT teams with the Survivor R.

Based on a high-performance 4×4 MAN truck chassis, the Survivor R is fitted with a steel armour cab. Capable of reaching speeds of over 100 km/h, the vehicle combines tried-and-tested automotive technology from major production runs with the latest force protection concepts from Rheinmetall.

An armoured monocoque cab with add-on protection elements can be individually and discreetly modified to meet evolving threat situations, while a ventilation system for filtering out nuclear, biological and chemical agents is standard equipment in every Survivor R vehicle. Although it is extremely well protected, the external appearance of the law enforcement version of the Survivor R is specifically designed to make a deescalating, non-military impression. Well lit and ergonomically designed, the interior is spacious enough to seat up to eleven personnel with their personal equipment as well as extensive C4I and communications equipment. This versatile vehicle can also be equipped with remotely operated weapon stations. For the first time ever, Rheinmetall is showcasing the Survivor R at MILIPOL 2017 with an integrated Qimek weapon station.

Systematic use of off-the-shelf civilian parts and serially produced military components make the vehicle an affordable option, while users can rely on Rheinmetall MAN’s global service network for maintenance and repairs. This makes the Survivor R a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain vehicle platform with low lifecycle costs and a high level of operational readiness.

Special effects technology

Rheinmetall offers a comprehensive array of pyrotechnic products. When it comes to SWAT team-type operations, the Group’s portfolio of multi-bang grenades and improved-performance flash-bang grenades with bottom-top venting (BTV) technology offers the perfect solution. They are extremely safe to handle, highly precise and very reliable.

Rheinmetall has developed a wide assortment of flares for signalling and for illuminating the area of operations at night. These include the handheld Mithras, with ranges of 300, 600 and 1,000 metres, with versions available for the visible and infrared sector.

40mm system family

As a leading maker of munitions, Rheinmetall’s extensive portfolio of 40mm x 46 products covers multiple operational scenarios. These range from distraction rounds and marking charges to non-lethal impulse ammunition and highly effective special solutions for methods of entry, or MOE.

Moreover, as a top maker of military systems and equipment, Rheinmetall offers a wide variety of relevant weapon concepts. These include the RS40 grenade launcher, whether as a build-on or standalone system, and the Magazine-Fed Grenade Launcher, or MFGL, which features integrated hydraulic shock absorption.

The Group’s fire control and aiming devices make Rheinmetall a one-stop shop for 40mm system technology.

Laser light modules

Rheinmetall has recently added two more modular components to its "VarioRay" family of laser light modules. The VarioRay LowProfile laser module and the separate "Lumenator" weapon lamp with 500-lumen illumination power provide the user with even greater tactical flexibility – despite their extremely small dimensions. The new products are key components for boosting the operational effectiveness of modern small arms. Moreover, visitors to the Rheinmetall stand at MILIPOL 2017 can learn about other members of the VarioRay family as well as the Group’s MultiRay MR 500 and MR 800 fire control aiming devices. Also on display is the TAC-Ray 1500 sniper build-on module with integrated ballistic computer.

Force protection

Rheinmetall’s line of VERHA (Versatile Rheinmetall Armour) products lends itself to multiple applications, including maritime, land and air platforms as well as protective vest components. During the course of several contracts, Rheinmetall has already supplied various types of protective systems to customers in the civil and military sectors as well as law enforcement. Examples here include the partial armouring of ships, carbon fibre protection components for luxury limousines, hard ballistic inserts for bullet-resistant vests, and quick-mounting add-on protective elements for armouring helicopter cockpits.

In addition, Rheinmetall’s innovative Sensing Armour technology offers a reliable means of servicing and inspecting hard ballistic protective vest inserts. The core feature of this technology is a sensor embedded in the inserts. This enables fast and easy detection of damage to inserts which otherwise appear to be intact – and without the need for expensive X-ray inspections.

Furthermore, at MILIPOL Rheinmetall is also showcasing its rapid smoke/obscurant system, ROSY, which provides reliable concealment in the event of an unexpected attack. Unlike conventional smoke/obscurant systems, it is not only capable of producing an instantaneous, extensive, multispectral interruption of the line of sight, but also generates a dynamic wall of smoke/obscurant, providing moving objects with long-lasting protection.

ROSY is available for various applications. The modular variant ROSY_Mod is suitable for small weapon stations and small vehicles, such as those used by special operators. ROSY_Mod can be directly – and invisibly – integrated into a vehicle with no need for a launcher.


In an era of digital vulnerability, the world needs innovative solutions, including ways of camouflaging potential targets for attack and for tricking attackers. Defending national cyberspace requires comprehensive knowledge of its structure, extent and most of all its vulnerability.

At MILIPOL, Rheinmetall is presenting several of its solutions in the realm of cyber security. These include -cyel equilibrium, which is based on the moving target approach, while the Group’s cyobs cyber radar measures, analyses and visualizes a country’s cyber vulnerability.

Über die Rheinmetall AG

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Rheinmetall AG is a publicly traded, globally operating high-tech enterprise. The Group consists of two operational components: Rheinmetall Defence and Rheinmetall Automotive. Last year Rheinmetall AG’s 23,000 employees generated sales of around €5.6 billion Rheinmetall’s product portfolio in the Public Security domain covers a multitude of different capability categories: reconnaissance and surveillance, command and control, cyber operations, weapons and ammunition, force protection and tactical mobility.

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