The Louvre Abu Dhabi was officially opened in November 2017. Abu Dhabi, also the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, is implementing one of the most important of several planned museum projects with the Louvre Abu Dhabi. With exhibits dating from antiquity to the 21st century, the Emirate has created a cultural monument of superlatives with the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The construction of the museum is remarkable. The architectural studio of Ateliers Jean Nouvel from Paris was given the task of combining modern architecture with the tradition of the Arabian building style and managed to do so outstandingly. More than 50 buildings with flat roofs, some characterised by narrow, intermediary paths and many water basins, are covered by a flat, translucent metal dome with a diameter of more than 180 meters.

13,400 m² seamless acoustic ceiling made of expanded glass

Temperatures in Abu Dhabi regularly soar above 50° C during the summer months. Therefore, elaborate cooling systems were needed to lower the temperatures in the exhibition building. A substantial part of the cooling capacity inside the building is provided by the seamless ceiling system from Lahnau Akustik GmbH.

The complex ceiling construction combines state-of-the-art technology (sound absorption & cooling) with timeless aesthetics. In the four entrance areas, modern cooling systems were installed to be invisible using this special ceiling system. In total, approximately 1,400 m² of acoustic ceilings with cooling function and more than 12,000 m² of acoustic ceilings without cooling function were installed seamlessly in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. These are the first, and up to now only, seamless acoustic cooling ceilings made of expanded glass in the United Arab Emirates.

Lahnau Akustik GmbH from Germany was assigned the contract for the comprehensive technical support including design and calculation of the cooling ceilings and on-site training. Lahnau’s local distribution partners were Intex Finishes DMCC, their partner for air conditioning was RiLO Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The on-site construction was ultimately carried out collaboratively by an international project team involving companies from a wide variety of countries and cultures. It took around 10 years from the beginning of the planning to the opening of the building.

Lahnau was chosen due to the premium appearance and the quality of the seamless expanded glass ceilings

Ultimately, Lahnau Akustik GmbH was contracted due to the premium appearance and quality of their “Mikropor” ceiling system and the fact that state-of-the-art technology and comfort could be invisibly integrated into one system. This has eliminated a large number of competitors in advance. The refined porosity and the homogeneous, finely structured surface of the plaster won over the architectural studio and the clients alike. The “Mikropor” acoustic ceilings contain a large proportion of expanded glass. Lahnau Akustik relies on its long-time partner, Dennert Poraver GmbH, which produces the raw material for the expanded glass ceiling panels. Due to the purely mineral Poraver expanded glass granules, the panels are very lightweight and resistant to temperature and moisture. Also, the process and treatment are very simple and require no special tools. Non-organically bonded, the “Mikropor” acoustic panels meet the requirements of building material class A2 (non-combustible). Furthermore, the Poraver expanded glass granules are also used as an additive in the surface coating. In addition to the sound dampening properties and the structure, they are also responsible for the simple processing of the acoustic plaster.

About Lahnau Akustik GmbH

As the manufacturer of innovative and ecological acoustic building materials, Lahnau Akustik GmbH produces acoustic systems made of recycled glass, metal, wood and acoustic foam at the company’s site in Lahnau, Germany. Lahnau Akustik sees it as its task to provide planners, builders and authorities with approved ceiling and wall systems for the realisation of their buildings, which meet the requirements pertaining to acoustics, fire protection, light reflection, stability, flexibility and above all the individual needs and requirements of the user/client. The extensive product range is designed for the use in office buildings, banks, concert halls, community centres, schools, sports halls and pre-schools. In addition to a large number of standard solutions, Lahnau offers acoustically tested and approved systems, even for complex requirements such as in sports halls, swimming pools or indoor shooting ranges. The core competence of Lahnau Akustik GmbH is the development and implementation of object-related and individual solutions together with the client.

Über die Dennert Poraver GmbH

Dennert Poraver GmbH is the worldwide market leader in the manufacture and sale of expanded glass. Poraver is a high-quality, ecological lightweight filler made of post-consumer recycled glass, which is used in a variety of industrial products apart from utilisation in the building material industry. The products are industrially manufactured at two locations in Europe and North America. At the German plant near Nuremberg, the company has been producing Poraver expanded glass for the European market since 1983. In 2007, another Poraver® plant was opened in Innisfil (Canada) to supply the North American markets. The third production plant is set to be built in Schlüsselfeld in 2020. The company’s production capacity, as the largest manufacturer in the world, will thus increase to 500,000 m³ (170,000 metric tons) of expanded glass per year in the final stage of completion.

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