Quite often, SharePoint projects are conceptualised and set up to mirror their technical capabilities. In many companies, the initiative for such projects originates from the technical department which considers SharePoint no different from any other software product and rolls it out. In this, questions regarding the “why” and “what for” are often asked too late. As such, failure over the short or long term is pre-programmed, given that the SharePoint technology is considerably meshing with the internal communication and collaboration processes. That, however, requires the support of all parties involved, from the responsible manager all the way to the user side.

Both communication and cooperation in companies are important, above all, for the exchange of knowledge. But with increasing frequency Excel lists and other documents are distributed all over the place by e-mail, resulting in a medium to large-sized versioning chaos. Here, the collaboration function of SharePoint provides for perfect solution approaches. Version histories, access hierarchies, and other characteristics are elevating working in a team to a new level.

In a SharePoint implementation, first, the most important key players of the company have to get together to answer some questions:

How is SharePoint expected to improve the company?
Which specialist departments can profit from a SharePoint implementation?
Which specialist departments will therefore be actively involved in the overall process right from the start?
From experience, it pays off to have the specialist departments explain their needs in the form of a questionnaire. Pain points and opportunities are collected from their respective point of view which, taken together, constitute the correct work foundation for the product.

Whether the future company SharePoint should be operated in-house in the data centre or whether an online version that is based on Office 365 technology would be more suitable should be decided jointly by the technology department and the specialist department. Here, questions regarding operating costs and performance play a role, as do questions regarding data security and data integrity. The following table exemplarily shows which advantages and disadvantages result from the utilisation of SharePoint On-Premises in comparison to SharePoint Online. …

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