After several months of anticipation, auto insurance application Kasko2go is excited to announce its partnership with the AlphaCar project. This collaboration is long-sought and vitally important, as Kasko2go acquires the access to the largest automotive market in 2018 , but not in 2020 as expected earlier.

Kasko2go application is an innovative insurance solution on demand, which has been anticipated by the insurance industry. The ultimate aim of the application is to create and promote the community of safe driving and spread the idea of safe driving culture in society. Being part of Usage-based Insurance family, Kasko2go app builds a bridge to every customer via deep personalization, better risk management, improved fraud analysis, and overall safety of the driver. The participants of the decentralized community get more responsibility and become the co-creators and regulators of the industry.

Kasko2go is a groundbreaking approach to car insurance, powered by cutting-edge technologies; incorporating open source intelligence, link analysis, visual analysis, signal and image processing, and text analytics.

Kasko2go planned to enter the Chinese automotive market in 2020. Thanks to collaboration with AlphaCar Kasko2go is provided with the exquisite opportunity to fulfill this plan in 2018, as AlphaCar is a powerful and unique project, targeting to create 50 million community this year.

The Chinese automotive market is one of the first to explore the new stance of the auto insurance, where the clients are supplied with credible services and safety is provided in all the aspects of life on the road. The Asian driving culture is about to face absolutely fresh and unseen activity, as the mountain has finally moved.

AlphaCar project owes its quality to high-profile professionals that combine its team. With over 20 years of the vast experience on the Chinese automotive market, the AlphaCar crew has JieBo Luo and Shengli Zhang in its advisor board, both having title of professor and being world-class experts in AI, Big Data и Blockchain.

AlphaCar has developed the unique framework, which encompasses the global automotive domain, and usage-based insurance is ranked first within their concept as it is mentioned in project’s whitepaper. The missions of Kasko2go and AlphaCar are aligned and are looking in the same direction. AlphaCar seeks to create the community, which is why it has pinned high hopes on this collaboration. And Kasko2go becomes the exclusive partner in the countries of the European Union.

The two projects had a meeting held in Japan, where the memorandum of understanding was concluded with respect to the synergy of the technological aspect of Kasko2go and the AlphaCar community. The huge change is of the insurance industry and its meaning is expected from the partnership due to one unified mission — the participants of the community must be provided with more advantages, so that the expenses of the insurance would return to individual in the form of tokens.

Kasko2go is proud of its team, consisting of high-class experts with vast experience. The powerful top-management team is represented by Genadi Man (Co-Founder, CEO), Raj Singh (board member and shareholder), Dimitri Wulich (Senior Risk Manager), Dmitry Bakutin (CEO R-Telematica and Start Kasko2GO), and others. All team members have been involved in large-scale global projects.

The telematics division has the most precise and complete understanding of global driving patterns, which was derived from 3 million drivers over 5 years plus via advanced data analysis. The application has a global mission: to provide on-demand insurance at a lower price, eliminate the possibility of fraud, and motivate the enhancement of good driving habits. The auto insurance app Kasko2go accepts payments in cryptocurrency.

Über die Kasko2go AG

Kasko2go is a groundbreaking approach to car insurance, powered by cutting-edge tech: military-grade AI, telematics from 3 million drivers over 5 years and advanced data analysis tools purchased from us by Google itself! The team of world-class experts aims to empower and modernize this business, all in accordance with the highest Swiss standards.

Firmenkontakt und Herausgeber der Meldung:

Kasko2go AG
Steinhauserstrasse 74
CH6300 Zug
Telefon: +41 (41) 51023-10

Konstantin Kupriyanov
Telefon: +41 (41) 51023-10
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