Raynet, the leading provider of services and products for application lifecycle management in Europe, is proud to announce the new version of its software deployment solution RayManageSofti and the stand-alone version RayVentory, the intelligent discovery and inventory solution for the highest demands.

With 20 years in the market and a multitude of successful projects and loyal customers – including companies with more than 160,000 seats – RayManageSofti is an innovative and proven tool when it comes to software deployment and security patch management. In addition, RayManageSofti supports OS deployment and includes the intelligent inventory component RayVentory.

The comprehensive tools from the RaySuite product family now appear in new shine and provide even more intuitive usability as well as many innovative functions. With the well-designed functional enhancements RayManageSofti and RayVentory guarantee highest performance and ensure a place among the first on the world market.

Customers and prospects can look forward to these functions:

RayManageSofti & RayVentory appear in a completely new design
In addition to the user interface redesign, which adapts to the look and feel of the modern RaySuite product line, Raynet has significantly improved user-friendliness and orientation for users.

New setup routine for RayManageSofti & RayVentory
Thanks to the new setup routine, the solution is installed fully automatically, including all software requirements, such as the database, the web server, etc. All installation and upgrade parameters can be configured intuitively via the new user interface.

Brand new asset management for a holistic overview
This new feature allows you to add individual assets, which can be linked to existing objects. Workstations, notebooks, servers, monitors, printers, telephones, tablets, webcams, routers as well as tables and chairs can be recorded and managed with various asset management features.

Integration Package Store
With the integration in RayManageSofti, users have the complete overview of and access to all software packages available in the Package Store. The packages are analyzed, pre-configured, quality assured and tested for Windows 10. The purchased packages can be distributed directly to the desired clients.

Collection Server
The Collection Server uses the technological basis of the proven distribution server and is functionally optimized for the collection of discovery and inventory data. The use of the Collection Server in PCI compliant environments is recommended.

New Oracle scanner with breakthrough functionality
RayVentory automatically detects all Oracle instances of an Oracle database and simultaneously checks whether all necessary permissions for a scan are available. In addition to Oracle reconciliation by Raynet, the execution of the Oracle script "Database Feature Usage Statistics" is now also possible.

Automated remote inventory with RayVentory Portal
Remote inventory for Windows (RIW) and Unix (RIU), which are required for zero-touch scanning, can be performed in an automated mode thanks to an intelligent extension.

Oracle and VMware discovery
It is now possible to perform a discovery with RayVentory Portal by importing from the Active Directory and/or scanning the network. Additionally, it can be determined if Oracle databases or VMware vSphere/ESX are running on these devices.

Scheduling for automatic inventory
Extensive automation options have been added through the implementation of the scheduler. Users can now conveniently plan inventory jobs in RayVentory Portal in order to automate all steps required for the inventory at a defined time.

Credential Manager
Credentials required for different inventory methods can now be managed with the new Credential Manager in RayVentory Portal.

Advanced VMware scan
RayVentory is now able to read the configured host affinity rules of a VCenter.

RayVentory Portable
This solution is predestined for scanning devices that are located outside the central network and are therefore difficult to reach or access, e.g. for field staff or in the production area. With a file size of only 1.5 MB, RayVentory Portable can either be sent via email or provided via USB stick to scan both local and remote devices using zero-touch technology.

"Our development and project team did a fantastic job. In close cooperation, many customer requirements from various projects have been incorporated into the new version. Our latest projects from Silicon Valley introduced several challenges, especially in the field of security, which had to be solved. Today, all our customers benefit from this," said Ragip Aydin, Managing Director of Raynet.

Further information about the current version of RayManageSofti and RayVentory are available in the release notes: https://raynet.de/en/Download

Über die Raynet GmbH

Raynet GmbH is a leading and innovative service and solution provider in information technology and specialized in the architecture, implementation and operation of all tasks within Application Lifecycle Management. Raynet’s Headquarters is in Germany and presently has additional locations throughout Germany, the USA, Poland, UK and the Netherlands.

For almost 20 years, Raynet has supported hundreds of customers and partners with its products and solutions for enterprise application management projects worldwide. These include license management, software packaging, software deployment, migrations, client engineering and much more. Additionally, Raynet maintains and cultivates strong partnerships with leading companies in Application Lifecycle Management.

Raynet products and solutions are unique in design and functionality. Their development is highly driven by our customers and partners which is a key reason why our products are always cutting edge. Whether you plan the introduction of a new deployment tool or start a SAM project; whether you plan a packaging factory or a migration – Raynet is the choice for best-of-breed practices in services, products, and solutions for Application Lifecycle Management. Find out more about Raynet under www.raynet.de

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