Not only the clamping tasks in manufacturing technology are multifarious and numerous, but also the elements and systems offered for this purpose, which will become even more important in the future due to the demand for shorter set-up and production times. Important in the selection of suitable clamping devices are above all the operational safety, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and of course the technical data. Other aspects include quality enhancement, flexibility and humanization in the workplace. The hydromechanical clamping elements meet the increased requirements of the users. They represent both a real alternative to simple, mechanical clamping devices (clamps, clamps, etc.), as well as semi-automatic or fully automatic clamping elements with usually very complex energy supply and control systems. Due to the negligible or low installation costs, the minimum operating JAKOB clamping elements are often the most economical solution. Whether for original equipment or as a retrofit element, JAKOB power clamping systems always keep tools and workpieces securely in position.

JAKOB Hydromechanical Clamping Nuts of the HM Series are designed for maximum clamping forces as well as for the highest demands with regard to operational safety, operating comfort and product quality. The basis for this is the innovative multi-piston system, which offers many significant technical advantages over the usual ring-piston design. The user can select the suitable variant from several standard construction types. Customized special solutions can, if necessary, contribute to further optimization. Thus, many demanding technical tasks in the entire mechanical engineering, the steel industry, in refineries, in chemical plants, power plant and off-shore technology can be realized.

The JAKOB multi-piston system represents a real innovation in the field of hydraulic clamping. An essential design feature is an annular cylinder housing with internal thread, on the underside of which several small pressure pistons are concentrically arranged. The individual piston bores are hydraulically connected to each other by means of a special tangential free-cutting. This principle has been applied for a patent. The pressure is applied either via a high-pressure connection or a quick-release coupling by means of a hand-foot pump or hydraulic unit or as a self-sufficient system by screwing in a pressure screw. The piston seals ensure permanent tightness without pressure drop up to 1500 bar, even in long-term operation. Maximum operational safety can be achieved by an additional lock or blocking ring. By means of return springs, each individual piston is pushed back into the initial position during release and the hydraulic oil is returned to the pump without leakage. The ring nut in robust cage design guarantees maximum rigidity and minimum material expansion, even at maximum pressure load. Basically, the multi-piston system allows basic body designs in any geometric shape, whether z. B. as a ring segment or rectangular block housing. As a result, very exceptional clamping technical problems can be solved.

For operation, a hydraulic power pack is required which is to be equipped with a pressure gauge, a pressure limiting valve, a switching solenoid valve and a pressure switching device.

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