Weidmüller OMNIMATE® Power SLF 7.62HP SH: OMNIMATE® Power male connector with plugabble shield connecting plate guarantees high levels of EMC safety. – Touch-safe device outlet for power electronics with secure contacting of the EMC shielding. – Comprehensive EMC safety in the power sector.

With the OMNIMATE® Power SLF 7.62HP SH male connector, Weidmüller is offering an innovative solution with a pluggable shield connecting plate for a touch-safe device outlet in the power electronics sector. The pluggable shield connecting plate guarantees secure contacting of the shielding during the connection process, and thus a high level of EMC safety in the power sector. The male connector has 3-mm touch-safe protection on both sides, as well as on both the male and female header.

Devices in the power electronics sector and in particular in the area of drive technology usually require the device outputs to have a touch-safe design. This requirement is particularly important for motor connections or DC intermediate circuits. The inverted variants are designed to be touch-safe on both sides even when unplugged, and this applies to both the male and the female header. Due to the touch-safe design on both sides, no additional measures need to be implemented at the connections for the DC intermediate circuits or motors.

In order to ensure the highest possible level of EMC safety, the EMC shielding must be securely contacted, in particular in the case of servo drives or frequency converters.

The OMNIMATE® Power SLF 7.62HP SH male connector with pluggable shield connecting plate combines two benefits in a single connector: firstly the touch-safe protection on both sides for power connections, and secondly the direct contacting of the shield connecting plate on the device. The shield connecting plate is made from special EMC spring-contact strip. This ensures that the shield connection to the metal housing is long-lasting and vibration-proof with extensive surface contact, thereby guaranteeing optimal interference dissipation. This is ensured by the positioning of the shielding braid at the end of the wire with extensive surface contact. The shielding and the metal housing are connected automatically via the pluggable spring strip as a direct result of the connection process and without the need for operator intervention. There is no need for any complex equipment to attach the shielding.

Due to the comprehensive touch-safe protection with 3-mm protection on both sides and on both the male and female header, the OMNIMATE® Power SLF 7.62HP SH male connector can also be safely used with applications with reverse voltage. The innovative male connector from the OMNIMATE® Power series can therefore be used in industrial environments without an inverted connector face, in particular with drive technology devices.

The OMNIMATE® Power SLF 7.62HP SH male connector features the innovative PUSH IN connection system, which stands out thanks to its lightening-fast, intuitive and vibration-proof wire connection. The connection is established without any tools; the single wire or stranded wire with crimped-on wire-end ferrule and a cross-section of up to 2.5 mm² (AWG 14) is simply inserted into the contact point. Done!

The OMNIMATE® Power SLF 7.62HP SH male connector can also be securely fixed in place using two different locking mechanisms; either a screw flange or a lock & release lever.

OMNIMATE® – service

With four service packages, the OMNIMATE® Device Technology division supports its customers in the development of innovative devices. The service packages include a comprehensive component library for PCB design software, the "application-oriented product recommendation" Internet-based selection aid AppGuide, and the well-established 72-hour sample service. With this sample service, device designers won’t lose any time; Weidmüller will deliver samples of its device connection components and electronic housings to you within 72 hours, whatever your location – including the OMNIMATE® Power SLF 7.62HP SH male connector. Handling videos of the OMNIMATE® products can be found on the Weidmüller YouTube channel.

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