GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH has developed a new kind of silicone PC mouse called the InduMouse® Pro. For the very first time, it can be used on highly transparent surfaces. This considerably extends the range of applications for silicone PC mice. It means that typical hygiene materials like glass or stainless steel are now viable as the working surface. The product, which is protected by a utility patent, is available directly from GETT or from specialist dealers from September onwards.

The design of the InduMouse® Pro is based on the long-standing, successful InduMouse® series. The waterproof PC mice have a silicone case and it is therefore possible to thoroughly clean and disinfect them. They are virtually the standard item for use in almost any hygiene-sensitive environment. The new InduMouse® Pro is different, because it uses a new optical IR sensor to scan the surface as it is being moved. This enables it to recognize either traditional or transparent and highly reflective surfaces like glass or stainless steel. While the scanning speed on normal surfaces is 40 ips*, it reaches 20 ips* on transparent surfaces.

"Coated chipboard panels, like you find on desks, continue to be the classic work surface for PC mice. But they’re not the best solution for certain hygiene-critical areas because of their porous surface structure," says GETT Head of Development, Jens Kieselbach, explaining matters. However, the InduMouse® Pro unit can be safely used on glass – and glass provides almost perfect features as a suitable material for hygienic settings. Existing glass surfaces can be used as a PC or mouse working area, for instance – or surfaces can be modified by laying a sheet of glass on a desk. Planners and fitters are also less restricted by hygiene environments and equipment and can use a wider range of surface materials from the outset. In addition to glass, this normally involves stainless steel, which is particularly used in the production of food items.

* ips = inches per second (2.54 cm per second). Recognition accuracy is sufficient for up to half a meter per second at a speed of 20 ips.

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