The new logo, the new website, the new color scheme of the templates, the newly-designed diagrams, the new product range and the new licensing scheme all reflect the fresh breeze blowing through the Swiss software maker Vela Solaris.

The new, hexagonal logo frames the letter Y central to the brand name Polysun, thus underlining the modern set-up of Vela Solaris, the producing company, with a view to the future. Generation Y, a name given to the generation born between 1980 and the early 2000s, are the first digital natives. They usually are highly professional and have grown up with computers, the internet and mobile communication. Their affinity towards technology and software combined with a pronounced interest in the protection of the environment makes them the ideal Polysun users. As a consequence, they increasingly occupy key positions in a new, digitized world.

The alveolar logo also features prominently on the newly designed web page Swiss mountain landscapes coupled with high-tech buildings make it clear that for Vela Solaris, having close affinities to nature and environment protection does not contrast with innovative architecture and building technology, instead they make for an inseparable unity. With Polysun, Vela Solaris makes the design and implementation of efficient energy concepts possible, thus laying the foundation for a sustainable energy supply.

Polysun’s graphical user interface has been given a new color code, making the templates available to its users even more professional and user-friendly. The multiple ways in which the simulation results can be displayed, always a strong point for Polysun, have been improved further. With their clear and graphical display, they help the user to grasp the results instantly, putting him in a position to make important decisions within minutes.

The new product portfolio has been adapted to fully meet the market’s needs. Polysun Premium, Polysun Designer and Standard (each as a fully-fledged version, Solar Heat & Power and Solar Thermal), Polysun PV and Polysun Educational cover all energy technologies relevant for buildings. More attention was given to universities; they now can look forward to a vastly extended range of services. Companies also benefit from comprehensive employee trainings and counselling offers.

Our developers have also implemented an entirely new licensing mechanism, making the software even safer. Their further efforts led to numerous interesting features. An impressive bouquet of thrilling new possibilities is now offered to the user. The most important ones are:

  • The new, standard-based PerMod mathematical battery model which can be reproduced in measuring systems of testing institutes is able to calculate the entire power range of a battery in a more detailed and reliable way than customary models.
  • Programmable controllers can now be connected with one another. In the new version, calculation priorities can be set and operating modes can be overwritten, further extending the usability of this already very flexible tool.
  • Thermal engineers will enjoy the heat meter and an additional ice storage tank model.
  • Meteonorm weather data are now provided in one-minute-time steps. This makes highly precise calculations possible, something especially interesting for scientists and researchers.

All of the new features at a glance:

  • Usability
    • New color codes
    • Improved display of the diagrams
  • SPI battery model
  • New interfaces
  • PerModAC battery model
  • Revised Log & Parametrize
  • Heat meter
  • Programmable data logger
  • PV generation profiles can be pre-defined
  • Negative load profiles
  • Variable weather data
  • Meteonorm weather data in one-minute-time steps
  • Connection of programmable controllers
    • Calculation priorities can be set
    • Operating modes can be overwritten
  • New ice storage tank model
  • Bi-directional electric vehicle
  • Revised energy flow diagrams
Über die Vela Solaris AG

The Swiss company Vela Solaris develops and sells the Polysun software products, available since 1992. This software continues to set new standards in the energy sector. Not least due to its scientific fundamentals and the high standard of user-friendliness, thousands of engineers, architects, tradespeople and installers worldwide trust Polysun. Vela Solaris works closely with both universities and manufacturers in order to continuously develop Polysun further. Polysun is a well-established software in university education, as the true-to-detail depiction and the modelling of energetic systems enhances the understanding of thermodynamic and electrical processes.

If you design or analyze any given energy system, we can offer our advisory services to you using our Polysun software. We can give both technical and methodical advice in all phases of your project and both in direct co-operation with you as well as independently should you not avail of the resources at the time.

Firmenkontakt und Herausgeber der Meldung:

Vela Solaris AG
Stadthausstrasse 125
CH8400 Winterthur
Telefon: +41 (55) 22071-00
Telefax: +41 (55) 22071-09

Philip Stuber
Telefon: +41 (55) 22071-55
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