The bar code scanner has established itself as an indispensable tool in industry and trade – and also long since in the flat glass and construction elements industry. From incoming goods receipt in the warehouse to status registration in production, on through to delivery confirmation; data is recorded via bar code scanning and transmitted to ERP and production systems.

However, the industrial scanner as we know it is quickly becoming obsolete. The smartphone, equipped with the A+W Smart Companion app, great computer power, and outstanding algorithms for handling graphics, is doing it in. The A+W Smart Companion assists along the entire value-creation chain and contributes to its digitalization, saving time and money.

Easier, cheaper, better
Scanning via smartphone app is easier than with customary scanners, it offers a multitude of possibilities, and it is cheaper too. Smartphones are also more technically sophisticated and stable since they are produced in much greater quantities than industrial scanners. Therefore, a lot more research and development potential flows into the final product.

Smart Companion for all situations
With its A+W Smart Companion app, A+W is demonstrating where software development is heading. Peter Kühn, Product Manager at A+W: "The use of various scan functionalities with current smartphones is already a reality. Our scanner app A+W Smart Companion can fulfill all requirements of flat glass and window manufacturing companies without the disadvantages of traditional scanner hardware – and this along the entire supply chain. The user replaces very specialized, expensive hardware with a familiar mobile device that we use all the time. Therefore much less training is required."

Mobile communication artist
Smartphones with A+W Smart Companion are top-class industrial bar code scanners – under IOS and Android. They can be used everywhere at the company, plus on the go in the delivery vehicle and on-site at the customer. The times when companies used different scanner systems in parallel, for example one in office/logistics and another in production, are past.

And the A+W Smart Companion can be used not only as a bar code scanner, but also as a mobile info terminal. Employees can use it to display the locations of order components and the content of racks since communication becomes bidirectional.

Invalid bookings due to incorrect read sequence of the bar codes are now impossible since the A+W Smart Companion guides the user. The read quality is also much higher.

Another treat: A+W Smart Companion can scan several bar codes at once, e.g. edge compound labels on a rack, which saves a lot of time. Work is more productive and there are fewer errors.

Future-oriented system for smart factories
The A+W Smart Companion will also work on future smartphones – and its range of functions will continue to expand. Future app generations will use technologies such as GPS, fingerprint sensor, etc. (e.g. for user login).

This clever A+W app is an example of digitalization with the greatest practical value – a small piece of Industry 4.0. New user-friendly hardware with breathtaking computing power will drive the development of a new software generation, which until recently would not even have been possible. Apps like the A+W Smart Companion will make your processes faster, more secure, and cheaper – and in the end, that’s what counts in a smart factory.

Über die A+W Software GmbH

Software for Glass and Windows

A+W is the global market leader for software in the flat glass industry and glass processing as well as the windows and doors business. The company develops ERP-, PPS-and op-timization software in order to make glass and window manufacturers even more efficient.

A+W solutions control and optimize the whole value chain, from basic glass to finished windows or facade elements. A+W products are suitable for small, mid-sized and large companies.

A+W optimizes its customer’s yield, reduces the production costs, shortens the lead times, improves the quality and thus increases customer satisfaction.

A+W has been active on the market for more than 40 years and sells its products worldwide. A+W cooperates with the most experienced and competent companies in the industry. This close networking helps A+W to provide always the best possible solution for its customer’s demands.

A+W is a wholly owned company of Constellation Software Inc, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “CSU”. The Corporation ac-quires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses.

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A+W Software GmbH
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Telefax: +49 (6404) 2051-877

Dr. Michael Küttner
Senior Manager Company Communications
Telefon: +49 (6404) 2051-241
Fax: +49 (6404) 2051-877
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