Together with PerfectPattern from Munich, the software company MPDV has founded the subsidiary AIMES (Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Excellence Solutions, AIMES has the objective to develop and provide software components for Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the manufacturing sector. Furthermore, AIMES will offer services for AI-based solutions in the manufacturing environment.

"With AIMES, we are adding a pivotal component to our product portfolio. After all, AI-based solutions are an essential factor in the manufacturing IT of the future," says Thorsten Strebel, Vice President Products and Consulting at MPDV and now also Managing Director of AIMES.

Together, the two companies will deploy PerfectPattern’s Artificial Intelligence software components for the HYDRA Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and MPDV’s Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) and launch new products for manufacturing analytics, planning, scheduling and prediction.

„Our technologies such as the Automated Data Science platform PHYTHIA and Decision Making technology CORTEX have been tried and tested in the graphic arts industry for example. We are now bringing both technologies to MPDV under the umbrella of AIMES. We are very excited about the solutions we will develop together," says Fabian Rüchardt, CEO of PerfectPattern.

New solutions on your way to the Smart Factory

PerfectPattern is a provider of highly innovative technologies and solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence. PerfectPattern’s developed methods for autonomous machine learning contribute to increased efficiency and the prevention of defects in production.

MPDV is the market leader for IT solutions in production and supports companies worldwide on their way to the Smart Factory.  The combination of PerfectPattern’s solutions and MPDV’s product understanding, market access and distribution channels creates new business and growth opportunities for both partners.

"Subjects like Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are cutting-edge.  By working with PerfectPattern and our joint subsidiary AIMES, we are strengthening our position in these fields and opening up completely new opportunities for manufacturing companies on the way to the Smart Factory," says Nathalie Kletti, member of the MPDV management board.

About PerfectPattern

PerfectPattern, the technology and software company based in Munich, was founded in 2012. The company develops software solutions that combine mathematical algorithms for process optimizations with Artificial Intelligence.  This combination enables an automatic planning of any production process in real time – the Smart Factory is now reality. Three basic objectives are pursued: Flexibility, on-time delivery and reduction of production costs.

PerfectPattern has developed with PYTHIA and CORTEX two revolutionary AI technologies. PYTHIA is a platform product for pattern recognition, time-series prediction and anomaly detection in real-time data streams. Through the innovative combination of methods, including deep learning, stochastics and quantum field theory, it independently finds even the most hidden patterns. CORTEX is a decision-making technology, which makes decisions based on the global objective functions by means of reinforcement learning.

PerfectPattern maintains relevant strategic partnerships with, among others Cimpress, Kodak, Sappi Europe and Voith.

Further information at There you can also find a Glossary referring to Artificial Intelligence.

Über die MPDV Mikrolab GmbH

MPDV headquartered in Mosbach, Germany, is the market leader of IT solutions for the manufacturing sector. With more than 40 years of project experience in the manufacturing environment, MPDV has extensive expertise and supports companies of all sizes on their way to the Smart Factory. Products such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA by MPDV or the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) enable manufacturing companies to streamline their production processes and stay one step ahead of the competition. The systems can be deployed to record and evaluate manufacturing-related data along the entire value chain in real time. If the production process is delayed, employees can immediately detect the problem and take proactive measures. More than 800,000 people in over 1,250 manufacturing companies worldwide use MPDV’s innovative software solutions every day. These include renowned companies from all industries. MPDV currently employs 420 people at eleven sites in Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, France, Singapore, China and the USA. Further information under

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