Many machines run at full steam – but with compressed air this statement takes on a completely different meaning. Machines that are operated with compressed air require special protection in order to absorb high pressure surges and protect the system from damage. In this case also, we are your reliable partner when it comes to safety.

With the flange safety valves 355 and 455, Goetze offers a wide range of options for almost every steam application. Operating the systems efficiently and boosting profitability is becoming more and more important. Producing steam is very expensive. This makes it all the more important to operate plants with a high degree of efficiency and minimal steam loss. Examples of how it should not be done include dry cleaners and laundries, where you can almost always see safety valves blowing off. This blowing-off steam represents a financial loss. Efficiency begins with the treatment of the water used for generating steam and continues with the steam generators, heat exchangers, condensate drainage, piping, insulation and protection of the steam system. The correct configuration and use of suitable safety valves play a key role in system efficiency.

355 Product Description
The spheroidal graphite cast iron model 355 offers reliable protection at pressures from 0.2 to 40 bar in a temperature range from -10°C to +350°C. The full lift safety valve protects pressure vessels, systems and steam boiler plants. They are used primarily in fire extinguisher technology, pump protection and industrial plants.
Depending on the version, the valve is gastight or double gastight and can therefore be used for flammable, toxic or hazardous media or in cases where counter pressure prevail. In addition, the double gastight version is now also available with stainless steel bellows or with D/G/H approval and elastomer diaphragm.

455 Product Description
Our full lift safety valve made of stainless steel provides protection in all sizes, ranging from small applications requiring a nominal diameter of only DN 15 up to large applications up to large applications where our DN100 safety valve weighing approx. 100 kg is called for. Although particularly suitable for steam applications, this valve can also be used to safeguard biogas plants, shipbuilding applications and systems in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
The opening and closing function of the safety valve, remains stable for a long period of time, even under the influence of a possible external or intrusive back pressure in the outlet pipe and despite a high discharge coefficient.
Extensive 3D flow simulation test on functional samples on the test bench proved that the increase in volume and a flow-optimized contour of the outlet housing best meet this requirement. Even with back pressures that exceed 35% of the safety valve set pressure, it makes sense to use a stainless steel bellows that acts on the set pressure independently of the back pressure.

Über Goetze KG Armaturen

For 70 years, Goetze KG Armaturen has produced sophisticated high-performance fittings and valves for all pressurised media: liquids, air, gases and vapours of all types. The company has over 100 employees at its headquarters in Ludwigsburg. The family company is managed in its 3rd generation by CEO Detlef Weimann and has been able to establish itself worldwide thanks to its “Made in Germany” quality products – over half of its production is now exported to foreign markets.

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