Have you ever heard about an On-Board-Courier, OBC or even a Handcarry? No? The company Samedaylogistics deals with exactly these expressions every day. Better said, the On-Board-Courier (OBC) is the heart and at the same time the main product of the company and is daily offered on the market as a logistics service.

An On-Board-Courier, OBC or Handcarry is needed in logistics – especially in the area of emergency logistics – when shipments need to be transported from A to B more urgently or safely than usual.

Typical examples of such situations are an impending production downtime, missing documents for important contracts, but also medical emergencies (blood donations, plasma donations, organs) and urgently needed spare parts for passenger or cargo aircrafts.

As you can probably imagine, these situations, the companies and people involved in each case, present immense challenges in terms of time and cost. A solution must be found. And it must be fast, perfectly planned and yet financially attractive.

This is exactly where Samedaylogistics comes into the game. Samedaylogistics is specialized in the field of emergency logistics and solves such special and sometimes extraordinary logistical challenges every day. And how? With an OBC! And how does that work? Very simple!

Samedaylogistics receives an inquiry about a logistical emergency by phone or e-mail. The company’s specially qualified employees now work out the fastest and most efficient transport route within a few minutes and send the customer an offer with the necessary details to solve the logistical emergency as efficiently as possible. Of course, the customer is personally advised regarding the possible transport routes.

Samedaylogistics has an internationally established network with reliable OBCs. If the customer accepts the offer, this means that the available courier closest to the airport of departure is assigned to the order. The OBC is immediately ready for take-off and accompanies the goods to be transported from pick-up to personal delivery, even beyond the destination airport, if this is requested by the customer. Of course, Samedaylogistics also takes care of the customs clearance of the shipment and informs the customer proactively, at every step of the transport, about the status of the goods. Thus, the customer is informed about the current location of the shipment and its condition at all times. After the courier has arrived at the desired destination, the goods are of course handed over to the consignee and the logistical emergency situation is defused.

The obvious main advantages of using a Handcarry are on the one hand the personal tracking of the shipment during the entire transport, and on the other hand of course the maximum speed with which the goods reach their destination, since the shipment is transported on board of a passenger aircraft and baggage has priority to cargo with every airline.

Samedaylogistics offers the service of an On-Board-Courier 24 hours, 7 days a week, worldwide for customers of all branches and every logistic challenge. Characteristics such as reliability, speed and flexibility are a matter of course for the company and are lived 100% in its daily business.

Convince yourself today of the service offered by Samedaylogistics and solve your logistic emergency. You can reach the experts in the field of emergency logistics 365 days a year at any time by calling +49-6107-5051-25 or by sending an e-mail to helpnow@samedaylogistics.de.

If you’re looking for further information about Samedaylogistics, please visit the website https://www.samedaylogistics.de/index_eng.html 

Über die Samedaylogistics GmbH

Whether you have time critical hand carry shipments, express airfreight, temperature critical or high security transports – Samedaylogistics are the experts in emergency logistics since 1996. The company is located in Kelsterbach near by Europe’s largest cargo airport Frankfurt am Main.

Samedaylogistics stands for reliability, speed and flexibility. The logistics company develop tailormade solution concepts for every kind of logistics emergency.

Samedaylogistics is the worldwide brand for industrial emergency transports worldwide and is part of the SLSgroup. There are also the Life Science and Conpetence Center divisions. The SLSgroup employs over 200 people.

The product range of Samedaylogistics includes Air Charter, Onboard Courier, Express Airfreight, Time Critical Freight and Dedicated Road.

A full charter is the fastest and most flexible solution for a logistical emergency when every minute has to be saved, the goods are unsuitable for taking in a passenger plane an extraordinary flight route is required or the shipment has special specifications.

The personal transport will be delivered by an Onboard Courier in a passenger aircraft. This is always the best solution, if the time critical shipment needs to be accomplished very fast and with a 100% safety guarantee or conventional express freight systems are not fast enough or too insecure. The trained and professional Onboard Couriers from Samedaylogistics are available worldwide. The logis-tics company has been producing this service for 23 years together with their experienced operators and couriers. In total they have already handled more than 38.000 movements.

No matter how bulky, heavy or dangerous a good is – with the product Express Airfreight Same-daylogistics offers the ideal solution. Right up to heavy duty ship spare parts or AOGs everything is possible. In addition, a transport escorted by a courier is possible at any time on request.

The portfolio of Samedaylogistics includes also the execution of dedicated transports in Germany, Europe and worldwide. The goods are picked up within a very short time after the order has been placed. From caddy to truck always tailored to the customers individual needs.

As a licensed IATA agency Samedaylogistics has access to all airlines worldwide. Exactly coordinated partial steps and an internationally developed network with reliable partners allows them short han-dling times and excellent quality and safety standards.

Whenever a regular logistic solution is not fast, individual or secure enough trust the experienced team of Samedaylogistics. You can reach them 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days in a year.

Firmenkontakt und Herausgeber der Meldung:

Samedaylogistics GmbH
Mörfelder Str. 9
65451 Kelsterbach
Telefon: +49 (6107) 505125
Telefax: +49 (6107) 505133

Franziska Härder
Telefon: +49 (6107) 505129
E-Mail: franziska.haerder@samedaylogistics.de
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