Several microfinishing operations can now be carried out on a single high-precision machine in one chuck. As a result, the possibility of adding clamping errors to the process is avoided and extremely high work piece quality achieved. The machine concept is highly economical, due to another, or even several machining platforms with automation being dispensed with – and this across the entire service life, since the operating costs of only one machine are incurred.

With the MicroStar FGH, the German world market leader in the field of high precision machine tools for surface microfinishing, Thielenhaus Technologies, has launched a process combination that is now in high demand. Conventional machine tools for microfinishing jobs are usually only capable of a single process, meaning the work piece to be machined has to be transported from machine to machine and constantly reclamped. Of course, normally, excellent results can be achieved in the individual operations, but only the overall result of all the machining steps counts.

For example, in the MicroStar 285 FGH the processes finishing, grinding and honing have been brought together. The basis for this is provided by a machine with a diameter of just 120 cm that takes up very little space, featuring an indexing table with eight tool spindles. All of the tool units are installed around a central column. The roundtable concept not only guarantees excellent accessibility to all units, but also the tightest tolerances during machining. After generating a highly precise reference face on one face of the work piece all subsequent operations are carried out with the work piece clamped in one chuck. Very short cycle times are realised thanks to simultaneous processes on all stations and a positioning time of 0.8 sec.

Like honing and grinding, other process steps can also be combined with finishing on the MicroStar FGH, such as power-regulated brush deburring or reaming and band finish operations. In addition, pre-, post- and in-process measurement technology can be integrated. As with all machines in the MicroStar series, the technologies for power-regulated feed of the finish units (MicroSens) and guided tool set-up (EasyTilt) guarantee maximum process reliability. Thanks to modern sensor technology (ToolSens), the tool wear rate is controlled and the feed of the work piece spindle correspondingly adjusted. The modular concept enables a flexible conversion of the machine at all times.

As a result of the increasingly high demands on the geometry of work pieces with ever smaller tolerances, above all in the course of miniaturisation and energy-saving, the process combination is precisely what the market is demanding. The quality enhancements and faster cycle times that can be realised as a result and the considerable savings in investment and life cycle costs are a decisive advantage of this ground-breaking technology.

More information can be found at: Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH, P.O.B. 201855, 42218 Wuppertal / Germany, Telephone + 49 (0)2 02 481-0, Fax + 49 (0)2 02 45 04 45, or on the Internet at

Über die Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH

Thielenhaus Microfinish, a division of the German Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH, has been building high-precision, high-productivity machine tools for over 100 years. In the last 70 years, Thielenhaus Microfinish has become the leading manufacturer of extreme-precision machine tools for Microfinish/Superfinish and double-disc grinding applications.

Microfinishing, also known as superfinishing or short-stroke honing, is the ideal machining process for achieving extreme precision surfaces and component geometries, and removing amorphous surface layers in the magnitude of 2 µm. Honing stones, cup wheels and microfinishing tape or film can be used to generate surface roughness or geometrical accuracy within a previously defined window that often spans a few tenths of a micron. Indicated below are a number of parameters which can be optimized using Microfinish:

With facilities in Europe, America and Asia and a worldwide service network, Thielenhaus has adapted itself to the market conditions and to the customer needs all over the world.

Commitment to quality: Thielenhaus machines are employed by leading manufacturers across the world for a good reason – their high reliability, productivity and production quality. Thielenhaus continuously pushes the limits of precision machining, enabling its customers to achieve workpiece qualities that were previously impossible.

All solutions from a single source: Extreme precision is the specialty of Thielenhaus, and over the years the manufacturer has built the world’s largest portfolio of Microfinish solutions, ranging from industrial equipment for large and small manufacturers to just-in-time tool delivery and other services. When it comes to Microfinish Thielenhaus is the one-stop shop.

The flexibility of Thielenhaus is its customer’s advantage: The manufacturer adapts the machine solutions to the customer’s component, loading/unloading preferences, cycle time requirements and other specific needs. The modular design of the machine platforms accommodates even tricky components.

New challenges and innovation are the passion of Thielenhaus: They are proud of their 430+ patents in surface finishing technology as well as of numerous market-leading platforms and pioneering innovations. Thielenhaus constantly seeks to improve the machining concepts, always keeping in mind the challenges of tomorrow.

Customer support all over the world: With customer service locations in six countries and service agreements with a network of agents and distributors, Thielenhaus is able to provide quick service on short notice practically anywhere in the world. The customers also benefit from a 24/7 hotline and Online Direct Service.

Thielenhaus is known as a highly experienced problem solver: Anyone can be a problem solver, but with more than 70 years of developing Microfinish solutions, the Thielenhaus staff have probably seen and solved more Microfinish problems than anyone else in the industry. When it comes to splitting microns, the Thielenhaus in-depth knowledge of the microfinishing process is unsurpassed.

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