April 17th 2020: Nanion Technologies GmbH, a leading provider of automated patch clamp and cell monitoring systems, announces the partnership with NEXEL Co., Ltd., specialists in the manufacturing of hiPSC-derived cells. Under the partnership NEXEL will provide demonstration infrastructure in South Korea for Nanion´s CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96 cell monitoring systems, while Nanion will provide scientific proficiency in experimental design and assay development.

Nanion Technologies and NEXEL are pleased to announce a partnership, focused on combining Nanion’s CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96 cell monitoring technology with NEXEL’s hiPSC-derived cells for demonstration purposes. Bringing together the two companies’ infrastructure and expertise serves to meet the growing demand for a reliable, high throughput cell monitoring technology in Asia.

The Nanion-NEXEL partnership brings together profound skills in comprehensive in vitro electrophysiology technology and development of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), with focus on  cardiomyocytes. Under the partnership, NEXEL opens a reference demonstration laboratory for Nanion´s systems at NEXEL’s headquarters in Seoul, whereby both companies aim to significantly upscale support of their clients in Asia.

Dr. Choong-Seong Han, CEO of Nexel, says: “Nexel is proud to start this partnership with Nanion Technologies. We believe it will further build on the excellent relationship we have developed together in the last year. The Cardiosight®-S cardiomyocytes have been fully validated on the CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96 systems and our expert scientists are dedicated to provide the best demo settings as well as product experience for customers, as part of the collaboration. We hope interest in both Nanion’s and NEXEL’s offerings will increase with our collaborative efforts.”

The CardioExcyte 96 and its add-on FLEXcyte 96 enable a comprehensive analysis of viability, contractility and electrophysiology of cardiomyocyte networks under physiological conditions. This allows diverse assay applications, such as safety pharmacology, basic cardiotox assays and drug discovery assays. In addition, FLEXcyte 96 offers recordings on flexible substrates which allow monitoring true contractility under physiological conditions.

Frank Henrichsen, Director of Global Sales of Nanion Technologies  adds: “We are very eager to strengthen our position in the Asian market and especially in Korea. In NEXEL, we see a valuble partner to help us develop our presence, in this case through opening their laboratories and enabling the use Nanion´s technology for demo purposes at their premises. Combining NEXEL´s hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and cardiac in vitro assays with Nanion’s CardioExcyte 96 and FLEXcyte 96 systems, we are confident that our customers will get an excellent package solution for use in safety pharmacology and toxicology assays . We are also very happy that NEXEL has already implemented the systems into their quality control procedure of  Cardiosight®-S cardiomyocytes.”

About NEXEL:

NEXEL, Co., Ltd. is a bio-company that was incorporated in 2012 with proprietary stem cell technologies. Their philosophy is to “make a better place” by supporting innovative research around the globe by providing high quality stem cell-derived cell products.

NEXEL, Co., Ltd. launched the Cardiosight®-S in 2018 which has since been validated on multiple platforms as a pure and functional population of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. Their focus is providing an optimized user experience by performing extensive testing on the platform used by our users, e.g. cardiac safety pharmacology on the CardioExcyte 96.
Other product lines include the Hepatosight®-S (iPS-derived hepatocytes) and the Neurosight®-S (iPS-derived neurons).

Über die Nanion Technologies GmbH

Nanion Technologies is a leading provider of instrumentation for ion channel drug discovery and screening. Founded in 2002, Nanion has grown over the last 18 years to a company with over 100 employees worldwide. With headquarters in Munich, Germany, Nanion has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, China and Denmark, as well as distribution partners in seven other countries.

Nanion’s team has developed and successfully established four generations of automated patch clamp instruments for sophisticated and high throughput applications in ion channel research and drug discovery (Port-a-Patch, Patchliner and SyncroPatch product families).
Further product lines are for cell monitoring and cardiotoxicity screening (CardioExcyte 96/FLEXcyte 96), for parallel bilayer recordings (Orbit family), and for parallel membrane transporter protein recordings (SURFE²R).

Firmenkontakt und Herausgeber der Meldung:

Nanion Technologies GmbH
Ganghoferstrasse 70 A
80339 München
Telefon: 0049892190950

Dr. Niels Fertig
Telefon: +49 (89) 2189979-72
E-Mail: niels@nanion.de
Manwoong Nam
Sales Manager – Quantum Design Korea
Telefon: +82 22057 2710
E-Mail: mwnam@qdkorea.com
Frank Henrichsen
Director of Global Sales
E-Mail: Frank.Henrichsen@nanion.de
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