Innovative additives are needed to reduce wear and pollutants even in downsized engines. Lubricant manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin is launching its new additive program under the motto "The PLUS for the engine" with no less than three new fuel additives: Divinol System Cleaner Petrol, Divinol System Cleaner Diesel and Divinol System Cleaner DPF.

In the automotive and workshop sector, a wide range of lubricants has been available for decades under the well-known Divinol brand. However, the demands placed on modern engines have increased enormously. Today’s engines are expected to be revving and lively, but at the same time they need to be very robust, durable, economical and environmentally friendly. Andreas Krapf, Product Manager Automotive Lubricants at Zeller+Gmelin, is familiar with the changing market requirements of increasingly smaller engines with ever higher performance: "The reduction in the number of cylinders in particular also reduces the running smoothness of engines and thus increases the mechanical stress on smaller engines and components, making engines and components more vulnerable." In addition, every combustion process in the engine leaves behind tiny particles. Deposits that become lodged in combustion chambers, on fuel injectors, valves, etc. "As a result, the performance and efficiency of the entire fuel system continuously decreases," says Andreas Krapf, citing one of the main problems of downsizing. "It not only affects engine performance, but also increases fuel consumption, leads to nailing and more soot emissions, and thus increased pollutant emissions." The only remedy for the problem of deposit and residue formation is regular cleaning of the fuel and engine system with additives. Also, the well-known issue of "LSPI" – Low Speed Preignition is largely solved within the framework of continuous application of fuel system cleaners, thus the vehicle owner no longer has to fear the danger of premature ignition, which can severely damage engines. "For these reasons, we have also launched our new additive program."

Three new additives for clean engines

Divinol System Cleaner Petrol is used to keep the entire fuel system of a petrol engine clean, from the tank to the combustion chamber. The cleaning additive dissolves hardened impurities and deposits, thus ensuring permanent component care. In this way, the fuel system cleaner enables clean engine running, petrol savings and optimized emission values, as well as avoiding expensive repairs in the long term when used regularly. The additive keeps the engine clean, causing it to consume less petrol and burn more pollutant-free, thus running more environmentally friendly.

Divinol System Cleaner Diesel is also a sustainable fuel system cleaner for cleaning the complete fuel system in diesel vehicles. In particular, oil carbon and soot as well as other hardened impurities and deposits are dissolved, the lubrication of the injection pumps is ensured and thus permanent component care is provided. "Our new Divinol System Cleaner Diesel ensures clean engine running, diesel savings and optimized emission values," emphasizes Product Manager Andreas Krapf. The simple application makes the cleaner particularly interesting for private cars and fleet managers. According to manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin, the additive protects against expensive repairs in the long term, as regular use prevents soiling.

If you want to prevent the particulate filter from free-burning at low combustion temperatures and allow the exhaust gases to flow off properly, you should use Divinol System Cleaner DPF. The exhaust system cleaner keeps the entire exhaust tract, including the particulate filter, clean and optimizes emission values. In particular, problematic components such as the EGR valve or the particulate filter are cleaned, thus ensuring permanent component care.

All three new Divinol fuel system cleaners can be used in a do-it-yourself (DIY) application without a workshop visit.

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