Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a highly precise and effective metal machining process that enables the production of complex parts with exceptional accuracy. The programming of wire EDM is typically done using CAD/CAM software (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) specifically developed for this type of machining. Here are the steps and aspects to consider during programming:

• CAD Modeling
• CAM Programming
• Simulation and Verification
• Machine Setup
• Process Monitoring and Optimization
Overall, wire EDM programming requires a thorough understanding of CAD/CAM software, wire EDM machines, and material processing techniques. However, through careful planning, simulation, and monitoring, precise and efficient machining can be achieved.

With BobCAM, you can easily and efficiently perform the above-mentioned workflow steps.

BobCAM WireEDM is a complete CAD/CAM system for wireframe, surface, and solid modeling, delivering highly precise cuts with excellent surface finishes in user-friendly CNC programming software. It allows for the creation and import of 3D models, assignment of wire path strategies, as well as simulation and generation of G-code specifically for wire machines and controls. With an intuitive workflow, BobCAM simplifies the programming of precision cuts for the entire part manufacturing process with tight tolerances.

2-Axis Inner, Outer, or Open

Program contours based on wireframe, surface, or solid models. Use the BobCAM 2-axis wizard to perform rough, tab, and finish cuts.

4-Axis Inner, Outer, or Open

Program contours based on wireframe, surface, or solid models. Use the BobCAM 4-axis wizard to perform rough, tab, and finish cuts.

Economically challenging times demand special attention to budget-friendly investment. BobCAM is offered as a perpetual license, with software maintenance available optionally. There are no additional costs for rent, subscription, or update obligations.

Post prozessors

BobCAM offers many ready-to-use post processors (Mitsubishi, Japax, Brother, Fanuc, Sodick, etc.). A powerful post processor generator is available for any necessary customization.

With BobCAM, the entire workflow is accomplished within one program, from CAD modeling to CAM programming, simulation, and verification. Even machine setup, process monitoring, and optimization can be partially done with the program. The clear menu structure and effective strategies support you in quickly and accurately creating even the most complex wire EDM programs.

BobCAM – The fast, efficient, and budget-friendly way from design to finished product.


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