Gas Insulated Substation Market Was Around US $23,751 Mn in 2020, Which is Likely to Thrive at an Impressive CAGR of More Than 9% over 2020 – 2025

A greater need for lower maintenance power storage, transmission, and distribution systems is expected to be a major driver in the gas insulated substation (GIS) market over the forecast period. Gas insulated substations are considerably more reliable and efficient than Read More

Global Cocoa Butter Market Should Grow to US$75,605 Million in 2025, Recording an Impressive 5.1% CAGR For the Forecast Period

Cocoa butter is one of the most versatile cooking ingredients and is a key ingredient in the food and beverage industry. Discerning consumers are now demanding the highest quality texture, flavour, and appearance in the foodstuffs they consume, driving cocoa Read More

Global Medical Packaging Market Should Grow to US$113.68 Bn in 2025 From US$75 Bn in 2019, Recording an Impressive 7.4% CAGR For the Period

The consistently expanding medical industry, introduction of newer medical treatments and products, and growing overall medical spending of developed, developing, and underdeveloped nations account for the flourishing landscape of medical packaging worldwide. The global spending on medicines was recorded to Read More

Microneedle Drug Delivery Market 2021 Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Opportunities, Analysis and Forecast To 2025

Billions of injections are administered worldwide on an annual basis. Nonetheless, the conventional approach via hypodermic needles is problematic due to risks involved with needle injuries, pain perception, and skin transport barrier limits. Intended as a minimally invasive and painless Read More

In Depth Research On AUV & ROV Market Trends, Size, Growth, Challenges and Forecast 2025

The extraction of oil & gas (O&G) has shifted away from conventional towards subsea sources. The subsea environment is the most remote and unexplored region on the planet and holds limitless resource potential. Numerous challenges must be overcome to extract Read More

Cold Chain Logistics Market – Global Growth, Share, Trends, Demand and Analysis Report Forecast 2021 to 2025

Effective supply chain management is often the USP of an organisation’s operations, minimizing waste and reducing damage caused to goods. Logistics management is the planning, implementation, and control of goods from the production site to the final consumer. Cold chain Read More

On-the-Go Breakfast Market 2021 Will Reflect Significant Growth in Future with Size, Share, Growth, and Key Companies Analysis

A past-faced urban lifestyle prevents city dwellers from indulging in wholesome breakfasts that can be enjoyed at leisure. Accounting for longer commuting times makes this even more challenging. Nuclear families, working professionals, and students are anticipated to drive demand in Read More

Spice Oleoresin Market is Anticipated to Record the Rapid Growth and Prominent Players Analysis 2021-2025

Spice oleoresins are free from enzymes and microorganisms, have highly potent active components, and are more affordable than food formulators because of their longer shelf life. Spice oleoresins add a standardized flavour almost 20x stronger than conventional spices on a Read More

In Depth Analysis On Oil Storage Market Growth, Trends, Size, Share and Forecast 2025

Demand and supply are critical in calculating the price of WTI and Brent crude oil with the price of the latter having dropped approx. 30% from 2019 to 2020. The oil & gas (O&G) market is currently running out of Read More

Phytogenic Feed Additives Market – Global Growth, Share, Trends, Demand and Analysis Report Forecast 2021 to 2025

An ever-increasing prevalence of animal diseases coupled with a surging demand for meat has compelled animal growers to invest in higher quality feed additives. Phytogenic feed additives, also known as botanicals, are plant-based molecules. Phytogenic feed additives can be further Read More