Thielenhaus Microfinish has introduced an extremely economical and compact machine solution for the large-scale production of flat precision pieces. In close collaboration with the Japanese mechanical engineers Nissei, the ultra-precision machine tool producers offer a double-disc surface grinding machine for the European market characterised by four advantages: Precision, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and compactness. The machine is CE compatible and designed in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. It is equipped with a Siemens 840D sl control with MindSphere connection.

During production, any expensive extra that wasn’t necessary for achieving the stipulated goal was foregone. Instead, it was precision that was of paramount importance: Great importance was therefore attached to a high degree of rigidity provided by a closed box frames instead of a C-frame, forged instead of turned tool spindles, 360° spindle tilting mechanisms and a double-walled frame design for temperature insensitivity. Indeed, the all-important dressing process requires such rigidity in order to create the appropriate tool geometries.

Other highlights include the spindle sleeve feed system in conjunction with a worm gear, the associated patented pneumatic compensation for thread play and high-precision ABEC-7 class bearings. Furthermore, effective options are also included such as an automatic tool-wear compensation system for the lower grinding disc provided by in-process measurement and a post process measurement with MARPOSS working in a closed loop.

This leads to exceptional machining results: With steel piston rings with a diameter of 68 mm, parallelism below 6 µm, and surface results of Ra 4.0 µm can be achieved with a cycle time of 1.3 seconds. In another application using aluminium, the machine achieves a removal of up to 0.5 mm per pass in 1.0 seconds with a parallelism of 10 µm.

User friendliness and minimal changeover times are other important advantages: A patented swivel transport disc bracket allows the operator to change the grinding discs easily through the large front opening just a few seconds after the spindles have come to a stop. This can be done in just a few minutes using an adaptable tool-changing aid. The pneumatic panel and the control cabinet are also easily accessible. Depending on the tolerances to be achieved, workpieces can be machined using a flow, flow/plunge or oscillation process. For the highest component specifications, the workpieces can also be propelled in the grinding gap with the appropriate transport disc designs.

Nissei has managed to compress this vertical machining solution into a footprint of just 2 x 2.5 m including the control cabinet, which also makes it suitable for compact production lines. There are various automatic loading options for feeding and removing workpieces, ranging from stack magazines to robots.

Whilst Nissei is responsible for the construction, installation and running-in of the client’s workpieces, all service aspects, including dealing with enquiries, advice, quotations and sample processing, through to commissioning, training, warranties and after-sales, are provided by the Thielenhaus team for Europe and North America. The project planning of automatic loading systems and filter systems is also managed by Thielenhaus so that a complete turn key solution can be offered. As a result, operators have the advantage of a local contact who can be reached quickly throughout the whole life cycle via the 24/7 service hotline. With this support, even small and medium-sized companies are able to purchase and operate a high-quality Japanese machine with a long service life and outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Über die Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH

Thielenhaus Microfinish

Thielenhaus Microfinish, a division of the German Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH, has been building high-precision, high-productivity machine tools for over 100 years. In the last 70 years, Thielenhaus Microfinish has become the leading manufacturer of extreme-precision machine tools for Microfinish/Superfinish and double-disc grinding applications.

Microfinishing, also known as superfinishing or short-stroke honing, is the ideal machining process for achieving extreme precision surfaces and component geometries, and removing amorphous surface layers in the magnitude of 2 µm. Honing stones, cup wheels and microfinishing tape or film can be used to generate surface roughness or geometrical accuracy within a previously defined window that often spans a few tenths of a micron. Indicated below are a number of parameters which can be optimized using Microfinish:

With facilities in Europe, America and Asia and a worldwide service network, Thielenhaus has adapted itself to the market conditions and to the customer needs all over the world.

Commitment to quality: Thielenhaus machines are employed by leading manufacturers across the world for a good reason – their high reliability, productivity and production quality. Thielenhaus continuously pushes the limits of precision machining, enabling its customers to achieve workpiece qualities that were previously impossible.

All solutions from a single source: Extreme precision is the specialty of Thielenhaus, and over the years the manufacturer has built the world’s largest portfolio of Microfinish solutions, ranging from industrial equipment for large and small manufacturers to just-in-time tool delivery and other services. When it comes to Microfinish Thielenhaus is the one-stop shop.

The flexibility of Thielenhaus is its customer’s advantage: The manufacturer adapts the machine solutions to the customer’s component, loading/unloading preferences, cycle time requirements and other specific needs. The modular design of the machine platforms accommodates even tricky components.

New challenges and innovation are the passion of Thielenhaus: They are proud of their 430+ patents in surface finishing technology as well as of numerous market-leading platforms and pioneering innovations. Thielenhaus constantly seeks to improve the machining concepts, always keeping in mind the challenges of tomorrow.

Customer support all over the world: With customer service locations in six countries and service agreements with a network of agents and distributors, Thielenhaus is able to provide quick service on short notice practically anywhere in the world. The customers also benefit from a 24/7 hotline and Online Direct Service.

Thielenhaus is known as a highly experienced problem solver: Anyone can be a problem solver, but with more than 70 years of developing Microfinish solutions, the Thielenhaus staff have probably seen and solved more Microfinish problems than anyone else in the industry. When it comes to splitting microns, the Thielenhaus in-depth knowledge of the microfinishing process is unsurpassed.

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