There are some things that go better together: Espresso with sugar, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, Thueringer bratwurst with ketchup – or perhaps you like it better with mustard? It is only the combination of both components that results in unique pleasure. 

For a unique new aesthetic experience, Rosskopf + Partner developed the synergy3D surface finishing technology for solid surface material. Architects and interior designers can thus fashion unprecedented stylish designs.

Thomas Vietzke, partner of the Vietzke & Borstelmann Architekten Partnerschaft mbB, rates the technology as remarkable for contemporary architecture with the demand for individualized products. "Central to the search for individual expression is the reuse and hybridization of materials. That’s where Rosskopf + Partner has succeeded outstandingly with synergy3D by merging the aesthetics of surface finishes and the functionality of solid surface material," he explains with regard to new application scenarios.

The material hybrids combine the excellent processing properties of the solid surface material as a substrate with new refined decors made with wood, concrete and metal. The process virtually melds the solid surface material with high-quality coatings of oak, concrete, brass, copper, Corten steel and Luna. synergy3D lends lightness and flexibility to the materials, which are inherently rigid. Wood and concrete appear then to be bendable and can be processed into flexible doubly-curved free shapes. And metallic surfaces do not corrode under the most extreme external weather conditions. The outstanding properties in the processing of solid surface material are combined with the aesthetics of surprising new surfaces.

The idea for this unique innovation came about because of customer inquiries. "Interior designers wanted, for example, not only a metallic colour for the interior that was made of solid surface material, but also a stylistic haptically genuine surface” according to Antje Weber, Sales Manager at Rosskopf + Partner. The development team at Rosskopf + Partner then developed six very different coating variants.

The real wood veneer Linea-Eiche (Linea-Oak) emits cosy warmth with its fine-grained look. Thanks to careful processing of solid surface material, the natural characteristics of the wood can be retained. Balanced depth and light reflections on the grain give objects with three-dimensional surfaces a tantalising and harmonious finish. Without any change in the fibre alignment, the result is organically-shaped wooden interiors.

The cool charm of concrete takes on a completely new expression with synergy3D. Free-form objects with a rough cast look including lunette holes or markings on the formwork panels give every room a clean industrial appearance. Furniture in urban concrete style has the advantage of being lightweight and can be manufactured any way you like, also with visible butt joints of the board planking. Even very large elements, whose manufacture, transport and assembly would otherwise be very complicated, are now easy to manufacture according to individual customising requirements.

Currently, very popular metal finishes enrich the synergy3D range. Coatings of Corten steel, brass, copper and Luna give the solid surface material a genuine metallic feel. These surfaces can also be applied to the finish without restrictions for outdoor use and, therefore, do not corrode. The impressive designs create an inspiring, unique ambience in every room – from reception areas, to exclusive shops, and hotels.

Robust steel coatings on solid surface material convey durability and resistance and can be produced in various colour shades based on customer requirements. The industrial charm of the interior and exterior surfaces particularly addresses modern commercial buildings even to the panelling of facades. The copper surface finish is characterized by its charming red shiny colour stability. Oxidation, with its typical brown colour on the outside, which would otherwise form because of the copper reacting with environmental influences and cause the subsequent loss of metallic lustre, is completely avoided. The golden yellow colour of the brass alloy, which has been used for thousands of years as a surface finish, displays an all-round talent in its workmanship; brushed, sanded or polished, the decors bring a new exciting character for exclusive application scenarios. The varied structures and colours of the Luna surfaces are created by various genuine metal powders. Each surface is unique, with its uneven, cratered structure resembling the surface of the moon. The organic joint-free modelling, also the significantly lower weight and low cost are further advantages in comparison to solid metallic materials.

Innovative architects and interior designers have already indicated their interest in the synergy3D surface finishing technology for projects with their customers in the retail, hotel, gastronomy and catering, housing, museum and façade design sectors.

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