Freshness redefined for sports gear

The Swiss textile innovator HeiQ launches HeiQ Fresh FFL (Fresh For Long), a 100% bio-based odor control technology. The product targets the sportswear and intimate segment, with application especially suitable for seamless garments made of synthetics that are prone to Mehr

The online Fast Fabric Sampling Tool “heiq it! ” for fabric managers

End of March, the Swiss textile innovator HeiQ is going to go live with “heiq it!”, its one-of-a-kind Fast Fabric Sampling Tool. It is an online fabric configuration platform that enables fabric managers at textile brands to assemble premium customized Mehr

Textile products that look newer for longer without compromising hand feel – HeiQ’s third innovation of the year

“Anti-pilling” is not a new terminology to the textile industry. However, many conventional treatment technologies give a negative mechanical handle impact that leads to reduced fabric comfort. Improved visual perception at the cost of worse mechanical perception is the conventional Mehr